Islay Island

Islay Island Driving Test Centre Practice Routes

In order to allow examiners to provide a test more representative of real driving conditions, the DVSA no longer publishes the current driving test routes. The below routes were the most recent to be published for the Islay Island driving test centre. If the test centre has relocated since the last routes were published, then these routes will be applicable to the old location.

Please note that these routes are indicative only and examiners may alter their exact routes at their discretion, for example depending on traffic conditions.

Islay Island Route Number 1
Street Name Instruction
Starting from the Driving Test Centre
Main St Follow right
Shore Rd / Bridgend Rd / SpringBank Right
Port Ellen Rd Right
Main St Left
Jamieson St Crossroads ahead, right, left
Mary Mackays Lane End of the road, right
High St End of the road, right
Main St 2nd left
School St Follow left
School Lane Left
Flora St Left
Moss Rd End of the road, left
Pert Ellen Rd
Arrive into the Driving Test Centre Park your vehicle