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The best way to pass your DVSA theory test is to repeatedly complete practice questions. All of our questions are based on and cross-referenced with the Highway Code so that you can easily look up answer if you get stuck or need more information.

Our short tests consist of 10 questions without a time limit and are perfect for quick refreshes when you have a short space of time. Our full practice tests are just like real thing with 50 questions to be completed in 57 minutes. All tests use the same questions database and are completely random. With more than 1.7×1064 possible test combinations, practise as many times as you like without ever repeating the same exact test.

Other resources available on MyTheoryTest:

  • Need to refresh your knowledge? Then review the Highway Code
  • Want to practise real world driving? Use our indicative driving test routes to get a taste of what to expect on your practical test.

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